All types of Firefighting Foam Concentrates
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CE Certificate, FM Certificate, EN 1568:2008

Foam Concentrate MSDS, made in Canada

Firefighting Foam Concentrates (fire extinguishing agents), Manufacturers in Canada

sale (Suppliers) in

Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver

ZSP is one of Russian’s leading firefighting foam concentrate manufacturer with a wide range of products. We have customers in over 30 countries spread over a wide range of sectors including major oil and petrochemical companies, airports, military bases, power stations, harbours and ports, and local authority fire and rescue services.

FF foam concentrate (Fluorine Free, for extinguishing Class A and B fires)
Where the environmental considerations are paramount fluorine free foams are the first choice.

AFFF foam concentrate (Aqueous Film Forming Foam)
Rapid flame knockdown on hydrocarbon spill fires.

FP foam concentrate (Fluoroprotein)
Specially developed to extinguish large hydrocarbon storage tank fires at oil refineries and fuel storage depots.

FFFP foam concentrate (Film Forming Fluoroprotein)
The world's leading foam for airport fire services, combining the speed of AFFF with the post-fire security of FP.

AR-AFFF (ARC) foam concentrate (Alcohol Resistant Film Forming Fluoroprotein (Alcohol Resistant Concentrate))
Highly versatile Alcohol-Resistant foams that are suitable for use on hydrocarbon and polar solvent flammable liquids.

Class A firefighting foam concentrate
Specially formulated for applications such as forestry and wildland fire control, structural fires and tyre and paper fires.

Hi-Ex foam concentrate (High Expansion), Synthetic Multipurpse Foam
Ideal for total flooding and LNG applications.

TF foam concentrate (Training Foam)
The latest FF technology ideal for training exercises and fire vehicle testing with minimal environmental impact.

All ZSP Products are subjects to very stringent quality controls throughout all stages of production, from incoming raw to the complete product.

ZSP, Russia (Zavod Sredstv Pozharotusheniya) Fire Fighting Foam Concentrates Manufacturing Plant.

Manufacturer: ZSP, Ltd., Saint Petersburg, Russia
Tel. +7 (812) 924-78-92, +7 908 78-200-10 (Viber/WhatsApp), e-mail:

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